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An Educational & consultation Trust to promote Various services- Vastu Expert , Astro- Tarot Reading , Runes , Angel Reading , Scrying , Numerology , Switch words.

About Courses

We Teach Professional Certified Courses:-

Tarot Reader
Runes Reader
Angel Reader / Therapist
Vastu Expert



Discover the all Powerful, unique of Mystical World of TAROT CARDS through the deep, Intensive and extensive study of Rider Waite / Indian Tarot Deck. Be a Professional Tarot Reader By learning to read and interpret Cards insightfully and Accurately for your Client and the Self.

Enhance your career to greater heights, Professional, financially and Spiritually.

REMEMBER:- “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny Matters Compared to what lies within us”


❖ History, meaning and the purpose of tarot in life.
❖ Classification into 5 elements of the universe.
❖ Division of tarot cards, as per Suits & Numbers.
❖ Distinguishing role of Major & Minor Arcana.
❖ Division of Minor Arcana into four Suits.
❖ Division of All suits into Pip & Court Cards.
❖ Deeper Meaning of ALL CARDS ONE BY ONE.
❖ Cards serving as obstacle point.
❖ Cards serving as outcome point.
❖ Cards serving as directions for future.
❖ Cards serving as directions for future.
❖ Interpreting cards for the divination answers.
❖ Interpreting cards for the guidance paths.
❖ Interpreting cards for the timing based issues.
❖ Interpreting cards for the YES/NO outcome.
❖ Interpreting cards for the personal development.
❖ Professional & Easy to interpret card spreads.
❖ Demonstrative Tarot Session with ALL.

Service Price Duration Time Action
Energy Exchange INR 11k / $200 2 days 11am - 6.30 pm Pay Now

After this Course you Should be able to read the cards for yourself and your friend and also it will help u initiated your journey into wonderful world of tarot and mysticism.

You will get Literature, Stationary, Crystal, Refreshments/Lunch, Tea & Rider waite Deck.

ADVANCE LEVEL:- Osho Zen Tarot with Angel Card reading & Numerology PTAP, enter the world of Spiritualism, Connect TO Zen Master, Get Connected To your cards, Deeper Knowledge along with Angel Guidance & Numerology Predictions.

Service Price Duration Time Action
Energy Exchange 25K / $ 450 3 days 11.30 am - 6.30 pm Pay Now


The Most important moment in our life is the moment of our Birth, had a special quality and those numbers reveal the key moment in our existence. Getting to know our self is a life long task. Thanks to these numbers which help us to discover our self and reveals so much more about character and hidden potential.

*Mode*- Cheiro and Pythagoras One will learn the respected techniques of both the Methods.


*NUMEROLOGY*- Origin of numbers, Numbers in harmony with nature, Zodiac Signs, Significance of Date of Birth, Detail study of number 1 to 9, Destiny Numbers, LO SHU Grid, Intensity of numbers, Arrows, Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day, Event Number, Name Changing, Transit Letter, Pinnacle Numbers, Health, Relationships, Vaastu and Numerology.

NUMEROSCOPE CARDS:- "The Numeroscope Cards" help in creating the future you desired. This deck of 69 cards has Numeric value, figures and colors that assist in knowing the related cosmic vibration, great deals about Character, Motivation, Talents, lessons to be learnt in life and suitable time for major moves in Life.

*This course will be helpful in*

❖ Creating a personality Profile a person for better understanding.
❖ Lucky Number
❖ Name Changing
❖ Leaping Hurdle and trapping opportunity
❖ Getting balanced

❖ Alignment with lesson of life
❖ Taking career to next level
❖ Determining romance and relationship compatibility
❖ Temperament Analysis and predicting future events.

Course Fee Duration Time Action
INR 25k / $450 3 days 11.30 am - 6.30 pm Pay Now

Lunch and Tea will be provided on all days.

*NUMEROSCOPE CARDS* and course material will be provided along with certification.



RUNES READING :- is a mystical and intuitive medium of predictions and manifestation of positivity that holds the keys to the secrets of mankind since ages. It is an infallible instrument that foretells the future in very innovative and mystical ways. For a layman, RUNES is a set of Stones/ Crystals with mysterious symbols inscribed on them, but the learning and interpretation of Runes, obviously go much deeper and much higher. The runes are an ancient and powerful set of symbols originating in northern Europe.

RUNES AS DIVINATION SYSTEM :- The Workshop will be based on the full-fledged learning and demonstration of RUNES STONES & RUNE SPREADS in the most skilled, practical and efficient manner. It will enable the learners to acquire proficiency and necessary skills to practice Rune Reading at professional and personal level, with great ease and success.

RUNES AS SOURCE OF MANIFESTATIONS :- The workshop will be based on self-healing methods where RUNES STONES serve as a meditation tool and a talisman. It will enable you to channelize the sacred wisdom of Runes symbols into your subconscious and can be used to illuminate your life and manifest transformation for positive growth in universe.


1. History & Classification of RUNES into 3 Aetts 2.Concentration techniques with Runes  3.Detailed Analysis of 3 Aetts consisting of 24 Runes 4. Practical/ meaningful interpretation of RUNES  5.Upside & Reversed Position of Runes 6. Front & Back Position of Runes  7. Predictions through Runes Spreads  8.Predictions through Rune Casting 9. Significance of Blank Rune 10. Monthly/ Daily Runes Calendar 11. Runes as omens for the Future 12. Self-healing through Runes 13. Soul journey to connect with Runes 14. Manifestation of Runes Magic

Lunch , Tea, Course Material, Runes set & Certificate will be provided after Completion.


Service Course Fee Duration Time Action
Energy Exchange INR 11k / $200 2 days 11 am - 6.30 pm Pay Now


Angelic Healing Is Non Denomination Spiritual Healing Method That Involves Working With a Person’s Guardian Angels And Archangels, To Heal Harmonize Every Aspect Of Life.

➢ Understanding Happiness, Differentiating with pleasure & Comforts.
➢ Destiny Versus free will; Redesigning Every Aspect to Our life.
➢ What all do we want to stay Happy; Ultimately what stays with you.
➢ How to look after issues meticulously without any flaws.
➢ Who will guide; you know you are being watched.
➢ Who is watching you- Me/ God/ Angel/ you Sub Conscious.
➢ How you will understand your sub-conscious need a friend.
➢ Hold the hand of your angels; Where are they.
➢ Make a conscious choice you surrender Hold my hand have faith I will take you to your Angels. They are always near you.
➢ Let there be an Emotional outburst ventilate clear yourself feel light make space for love, for Positivity, fall in love be silly feel you.
➢ Take the first Message from the Messengers of joy.
➢ Angel Prayer
➢ Angels assists you in every Aspect of life. How to connect with them.
➢ Intuition polishing Exercises Psychometrics Exercises Meditation Visualization.
➢ Know your Personal angels.
➢ One you know them The deal is to simply become an Extremist.
➢ how challenge them, Ask for Messages.
➢ Built faith Continuous Connectivity, Become receptive, Forgiveness Exercises.
Brief on Advanced Techniques.
➢ Connecting with Angels with Oracle Cards Reading It's a beautiful world of Angels which will give you an Insight to understand the Abundance that Universe holds for us and is ready to shower on us. We just have to open ourselves to recieve and the Universe takes care as our own parents does.

Lunch, Tea, Course Material, Angel Deck & Certificate will be provided after Completion.

Service Course Fee Duration Time Action
Energy Exchange INR 12k / $220 2 days 11 am - 6.30 pm Pay Now


All Courses of vastu Affiliated From Disha Institute Of Vastu

➢ Basic Vastu Vidya ( Basic Level -1)
( Residencial & Commercial Vastu )

Duration No. Off Classes Fast Track Course Fee Certification & Exam Charges Total Course Fee Action
One Month (1 Class Per Week) 12 ( 3 hr a day ) 3 days ( 11.30am - 6.30 pm IST ) Rs 15000 (Including Study Material) Rs 500 INR 15,500 / $250 Pay Now

➢ Professional Vastu Vidya Level-II

Duration No. Off Classes Fast Track Course Fee Certification & Exam Charges Total Course Fee Action
Two Month (2 Class Per Week) 16 ( 3 hr a day ) 3 days ( 11.30am - 6.30 pm IST ) Rs 25000 (Including Study Material) Rs 500 INR 25,500 / $450 Pay Now

➢ Diploma In Vastu Vidya (Level – I, II ,III)

Duration No. Off Classes Duration Of Each Class Course Fee Certification & Exam Charges Total Course Fee Action
Four Month (3 Class Per Week) 48 2 Hrs Rs 41000 (Including Study Material) Rs 500 INR 41500 / $650 Pay Now

➢ Vastu Vidya Through Distance Learning ( Level- I, II,III)

Duration No. Of Exams Thru Email     Courses Fee Action
Two Month 2 Online Report & cases need to be submitted. Online & Skype support on queries. Rs 21000 (For Indian Students)
US $ 450 (For Overseas Students)
Pay Now

(The Above Fees Includes Study Material, Courier, Postage Charges, Examination And Certificate Postage Charges)

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