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An Educational & consultation Trust to promote Various services- Vastu Expert , Astro- Tarot Reading , Runes , Angel Reading , Scrying , Numerology , Switch words.


Dr. Priyanka believes Positive thinking means expecting, believing, and visualizing what you want to achieve. It means seeing in your mind's eye the thing you want, as an accomplished fact. A positive attitude awakens inner strength, energy, motivation and initiative. So Be Positive always.

She is a Certified Practitioner & Visionary in the field of Divination, Vastu Expert, Motivational Healing & Empowerment. She is the Founder Chairperson of “ Universal Blessingss Foundation
which (Engage, Educate & Empowerment of Society) an Educational & Consultation Trust registered under Govt of NCT of Delhi.

Dr. Priyanka Kumaar
( BID, M.phil & P.hd - Vastu)

She is also the Member of American Tarot Association ( USA), Chief advisor of Navdrishtri Times Newspaper, Internationally Renowned Vastu Consultant, Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist, Runes Reader, Interior Designer, Color Therapist along with Crystal, Reiki & Angelic healer & Switch Word practioner. She is widely proclaimed as “International Destiny Guide ". High on intuition level and Angel Believer.”

“ Excellence encourages one about life generally, it shows the spiritual wealth of the world and Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude."

She has been practicing in this occult field for a number of years, proficient in her readings & Vastu Sites Practioner oF Sick Building Syndrome with Lecher Antenna, Scientific Vastu Expert with instruments and Fundamentals of Compatibility for sick buildings lies in practicing Interior Psychology, Color Consultancy and designing Retail outlets & residences particularly those relating to health, wealth, career, business, education, stress and relationships. Her specialized skills include Interpretations with the help of which people whose birth details are unknown can have their Past, Present and Future analyzed too through readings.

She has successfully helped many people change their life. People from all walks of life contact her for remedies for their tribulations. Deals with Domestic as well as International Clients based in USA, Europe, UK. She travels across the country, overseas delivering seminars, workshops, training programs and coaching sessions to people from all walks of life, sowing the seeds of awareness to enable personal, professional and spiritual development. Privileged with many Awards for Astrology, Tarot Card Reading ,Vastu Expert & Interior Designer.

Her programs are engaging, joyous and life changing, motivating people to welcome greater joy and divine communion with their hearts and lives, creating lasting positive transformations in life, health, relationships, career and wealth through Positive Affirmations & Angelic Healing so Friends,

You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you Amen…

Love & Gratitude Divine.

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